Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday, May 4, 2017

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May the Fourth 
be with you!

In a hallway not too far away, a group of students has intercepted a transmission from the Empire. The transmission includes:

Field Trip Permission Slips Due Friday, May 5, 2017!
Permission Slip

  • Plate tectonics test is Monday, May 8th. If you lost your study guide, go to my web page and the "Study Guide" tab to get another one.
Social Studies:
  • Finish preparing booth and (optional) costume for Renaissance Fair. Fair is Thursday and Friday. To participate you must have required assignments and at least one choice assignment signed off on your learning contract!
Language Arts:
  • Read chapter 7 of Animal Farm
  • Respond to the questions in Google Classroom, using quotes from the novel to backup your answers. Remember, you have to open the assignment to see your Doc.
    Due Friday.

  • None.

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