Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Science: Study for test on body systems on Friday.

Math:Period 4, 6, 8- nope
Peroid 7- nope

LA: All LA:
- Menu Project (due 2/21)
--Friday is the last day of class time you'll have to work on this project. If you think you won't finish in class, then you must finish for HW. 
--Remember, this project is worth 150 points--a big chunk of your grade.

- February Blog: Choice Book (due 2/23)

LA 4, 6, 7:
- Study for this Friday's vocab quiz on Root Trees Unit 6

Social Studies: -are you done labeling your maps?? --see GC for the directions and see the attached file for help!
-study 15+ minutes for the geo quiz (level one is features #1-15)

-Friday's Baseball Game--prepare by reading and studying Chapter 20 Section 1 (p.526-531 in your textbook) and studying Ancient Greece Map features

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