Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday, January 23rd

Science: Finish Case of the Sore Team if not done.

4th-7th LA:  

1. Trees due tomorrow. 

Unit 3:  

Word to know: intervene
Word to know:  Introvert
Word to know: verify
Voc- voice or call
Word to know: Vociferate

2. Read Chapters 8-10 (Started in class) with annotations by Tuesday (tomorrow) 
3. Blog due Thursday. (see google classroom) 

8th LA:
1. WWW Unit 10 HW due tomorrow.

2. Read Part 3 with annotations by Wednesday. 
3. Blog due Thursday (see google classroom) 

Period 4, 6, 8- Evaluating Expressions WKST
Period 7- Google notes and hmwk BPW Invest. 1.4

Social Studies: 
 Individual Project: 
-finish research
-choose direct quote
-create bibliography on EasyBib
-choose your final product" for the project --how you will present your information learned
-organize your researched information into claim,evidence, reasoning in response to the big question- how you set up the argument specifically is up to you! 

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